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Kougaiji Application [Dec. 25th, 2006|08:14 pm]
Saiyuki Cafe: The Ultimate Saiyuki Fan Hangout
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Kougaiji Application


Name: Kougaiji

Age: 500+

Birthday: January 6

Hair: Burgundy

Eyes: between Red and Purple depending on media

Race: Demon

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Blood Type: A




Son of Gyumaoh the Ox King and his wife Ratsetsunyo. When Nataku defeated Gyumaoh 500 years, a seal was put upon Kougaiji that was later broken by (presumably) Gyokumen Koushu, his father’s wicked concubine. She now holds Kougaiji’s mother hostage in a suspended state, and the only way for her curse to be broken, is Kougaiji’s assistance in Gyumaoh’s revival. Gyokumen has made Kougaiji’s priority of focus the location and collection of the five sutras of heaven and earth. It is conflicts over Sanzo’s Maten Sutra that bring the Sanzo-ikkou and Kougaiji-tachi together. Kougaiji and his companions, half-sister Lirin, apothecary Yaone and swordsman Dokugakuji, often find themselves in a routine battle with the starring Ikkou pitting Kougaiji against possibly the strongest member of Sanzo’s company, Son Goku.


But it isn’t always so routine, as they found out, when on a recovery mission for another one of the sutras. Their search brought them to a desert that their rivals happened to be stranded in with an unconscious Sanzo. Events unfolded, including Kougaiji saving the Ikkou from the sands flooding a destroyed Youkai fortress, and Kougaiji challenged Goku to a death match for possession of Sanzo’s sutra, or his own flying dragons to transport the deteriorating priest to a village for aid. Unfortunately, Kougaiji underestimated Goku’s true desperation to save the priest, and the youngest member of the Ikkou removed his power limiter, freeing Seiten Taisei. Kougaiji was ruthlessly beaten into submission before Dokugakuji managed to distract the beast long enough for it to forget about Kou.


When Dokugakuji managed to bring Kougaiji safely back to Houtou Castle, but was forced to relinquish the prince’s care to Dr. Nii Jianyi, who went on to morph his charge into a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to complete his task- recovering the Maten Scripture. His ensuing search for the Ikkou finds him happening upon a Goku separated from the rest of the group. He nearly defeated the boy but was overcome at the last minute by Goku’s sheer strength of will. Eventually, Yaone and Dokugakuji’s fierce loyal towards him snaps him back to reality, and they find themselves separated from their targets once more.


While Kougaiji’s loyalty does seem to lie with Gyokumen and her mission, it is obvious that Kougaiji loathes his step-mother and her lackey, Nii Jienyi. One can only wonder the circumstances if Gyumaoh’s mistress did not have Kougaiji under her vicious thumb. Despite their banner, the Kougaiji-tachi seems good at heart and has on many occasions provided assistance to their enemies, the Sanzo-ikkou. It also seems that Kougaiji looks forward to fighting Goku when the circumstance arises.


Why I Like Him:


Well, first off... can any one honestly tell me that they don’t think Kougaiji is totally bad-ass? My first Saiyuki love being Goku, I also fell VERY hard for Kougaiji, initially just from his complete aura of ‘cool’. But later on, I got to thinking about his past... and in reality, his background in similar to Goku’s in the way that they were both imprisoned outside the effects of time for 500 years. Also, as I am in every anime I frequent, I am draw to power, and that is something Kougaiji has, along with ambition, determination and loyalty. Plus, their is the undeniably dark tinge to him that Goku, just doesn’t have a lot of the time.


Seiyuu Information:


Japanese Voice Actor: Takeshi Kuaso (Kyoichi Saionji- Revolutionary Girl Utena, Bankotsu- Inuyasha, Trunks/Gotenks- DBZ, Krad- DNAngel, Sonic the Hedgehog- Sega Sonic the Hedgehog) Likes sports in general, especially swimming and volleyball.


English Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna (Dark Mousy- DNAngel, Broly- DBZ, Edward Elric- FMA) Auditioned for Orochimaru in Naruto, but lost the part to him best friend.


Sample Fics/Fanart:      Playing With Fire by Ouri (NC-17 yaoi)                                                                                                                                    http://ouri.laranica.com/saiyuki.html


                                    Like A Pill by Aki Rei (PG-13 yaoi)



            A note on Just Like A Pill- I am quite possibly going to be creating a Just Like A Pill- Reloaded, which will be a remake of this story, with Aki Rei’s permission of course, in case she doesn’t have time to finish this story. Starting at chapter one I might be, in essence, revamping the fic. Same plot, different words. If I am to do so, the first chapter will be posted on my LJ and in various communities on January 6, in honor of Kou’s b-day!


Other Info/Tidbits:

  • Practices Martial Arts, Youkai Magic (particularly fire), and the summoning of the demon Engokuki.
  • Is an Aquarious.
  • Is supposedly 519 years old, but that isn’t a solid fact.
  • Nickname: Kou (used predominantly by Dokugakuji).
  • Quote: To Nii Jienyi- “I saw the Light. But you probably wouldn’t understand.”

That's it I guess... Please consider me!